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Bunjie is the only nappy company in the world that provides unique prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic boosters to promote a healthy skin microbiome. Bunjie nappies are also PLANT-BASED, at least 70% biodegradable & vegan friendly. A modern solution for modern parents.

Bunjie Probiotic Eco Nappies are dermatologically tested and are perfect for newborn and sensitive little skin. Our unique minibiotic lining may help protect little skin against skin irritation caused by nappy rash.

Bunjie Probiotic Eco Nappies are plant-based and made from FSC-certified forest materials which are kinder to our environment. Our nappies are at least 70% biodegradable with a 100% biodegradable backsheet, making Bunjie a better option for the environment.

Our nappies come in sizes 1 through 6 and are based on weight. To find out what size your little human may be, please refer to our sizing chart.

Our nappies are at least 70% biodegradable with a 100% biodegradable backsheet.

Bunjie Probitoic Eco Nappies are available via a monthly subscription service to help make life that bit easier and have your orders automatically delivered to your door. Our subscription service is available in cycles of 4, 6 and 8 weeks.

Bunjie Probiotic Eco Nappies are made from SFC-certified forest materials including sustainable wood pulp which is kinder to our environment. Bunjie Nappies can hold 20x its weight in liquid from our special ingredient Japanese SAP ( Super Absorbent Polymer).

Our nappies are 70-78% biodegradable (depending on size) with a 100% biodegradable backsheet and a Probiotic lining to help protect against skin irritation.

Our nappies are only available online at Bunjie.com

Yes! We're all about making life easier for our Bunjie fam which is why our wetness indicator changes from yellow to blue when its time to change your mini human's nappy. Don't worry, the ink used in our nappies is completely safe and water-based.

Our Biodegradable Nappy Bags are coming soon!

No, our nappies are fragrance free and have been independently tested by Deramatest and Intertek ensuring their safety for your little one's skin.

Yes, our nappies are perfect for ALL mini humans.

We currently don't have nappy pants available.

Nappies should never be flushed down the toilet as it may cause sewer blockages. Always dispose of nappies in a rubbish bin.

Bunjie Probiotic Eco Nappies are designed and developed in Australia and then responsibly made in China. The Bunjie team sources all premium raw materials such as Chlorine-free wood pulp and ships it over to China to be manufactured with world-class machinery to ensure the highest quality control!

Absolutely! We're serious about safety so our nappies have been independently tested by Deramatest and Intertek to ensure their safety and exclusion of harmful chemicals.

Currently our nappies will only be available in AUS.

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Oh we thought you’d never ask! We are very excited to tell you that our exclusive Eau de Bunjie was whiffed up by a French perfumer & is 100% natural & allergen-free. This means no hidden allergens such as Limonene & Linalool that somehow (insert shrug) sneak their way into skincare made for little people.

We're super happy to let you know that our wipes can be 100% compostable at home with your scraps of veggies and other natural green waste. All you need to do is drop your wipes in with the worms or bury it in your garden... and magic they disappear.

Absolutely! Bunjie has been carefully developed to support little skin from the day that it enters the this crazy world.

Bunjie products are the happiest when your shelfie is below 30 degrees.

If un-opened Bunjie products will happily sit on your shelfie for 2 years, but we know that you won't be able to wait that long! Once opened you should use products within 6 months.

Bunjie products are 100% vegan friendly because animals are our friends :)

Bunjie is 100% cruelty free. Our ingredients & finished products are in no way, shape or form tested on any furry (or non furry) friends. Everything get's tested on us, our friends, friends of friends & the favourite mini humans in our life.

We pinky promise that Bunjie is squeaky clean & does not contain Parabens. All products are 100% naturally derived & do not contain any of the 1300 ingredients or chemicals banned by the European Union.

Well, have we got news for you! You have approximately 38 trillion microorganisms (mostly bacteria but also fungi & viruses) living in & on your body. Say hello to your microbiome. No two microbiomes are the same it’s all YOURS & each part of your body also has it's own microbiome. The conversation starter is the Gut microbiome but others such as the skin, mouth & nose are all just as important. In case you were wondering, our fave is the skin microbiome :)

We often assume that bacteria is a bad thing, however we rely on our friendly bacteria known as probiotics to help digest food, keep our immune system strong and protect us against bad bacteria. Cheers to the good bacteria!

Bunjie products are carefully formulated for sensitive, cranky little skin but we don't recommend using them in place of any therapeutic products that may be more appropriate. If your little one's skin is itchy & dry you can apply Snug as a Bug lotion & Rock-A-Bye oil for an instant hug of comforting moisture.

It's not a must but as with any new skincare routine doing a quick patch test is recommended. To patch test, apply a small squirt of Bunjie product on little skin & wait 1-2 minutes. If redness or irritation develops (we'll be very surprised) please don't continue to use. Don't be shy... get in touch & let us know what happened at hey@bunjie.com.

We know our little products smell good enough to eat & a sneaky lick of the lips is ok, but if large amounts are swallowed please consult a medical professional or call the 24/7 New Zealand National Poison Centre on 0800 764 766.

Of course…. Bunjie products are happy to pamper the whole family!

You would have learnt about pH in Chemistry class back in the day. It’s a number that shows whether something is acidic or alkaline, based on a measure of 0-14. Anything below seven is acidic, anything above is alkaline and bang on seven is neutral (water is 7). The skin's happy pH is 5.5, which is slightly acidic. All Bunjie products are balanced between pH 5 to 5.5 to support baby's delicate skin as it adjusts to it’s new world & make sure that their little microbiome doesn't get disrupted.


Mobile: You can access your subscription by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the top left of your screen, and heading to the log in/sign up page.

Desktop: You can access your subscription by clicking on the human icon at the top right of your screen, which will direct you to our sign in page.

When you sign up to our wipes subscription service you are given the option to be able to skip an order if needed. You can manage this all online via your account! We do offer 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 & 20 week plans, which you can always update depending on your usage.

Our Subscription program applies only to the Probiotic Baby Wipes. Unfortunately, this is not transferable to any other products at the moment. You would first need to complete a minimum 3 billing cycles before you could cancel.

The option to cancel your subscription will only become active after you've completed 3 billing cycles as per the terms on our product page.

You sure can! You can add nappies to your Wipes subscription as a one-time purchase or an ongoing subscription.

1. To add as a one-time purchase, log in to your account and scroll down to the 'You might also like' section. Click the + symbol below 'Probiotic Eco Nappies Monthly Supply'. Click One-time purchase. Once the product has been added as a one-time purchase, click on the nappy image to change size and/or quantity and save changes.

2. To add as an ongoing subscription, log in to your account and scroll down to 'Edit products'. Scroll down until you find 'Probiotic Eco Nappies Monthly Supply' and click save. Once the product has been added as a subscription, click on the nappy image to change size and/or quantity and save changes.

When logged into your account, simply click on the image next to Probiotic Eco Nappies Monthly Supply. Next, you'll want to toggle until you find your little human's new size. Click save changes and voila!

purchasing & shipping

Standard shipping within New Zealand is $9 & will be tracked until our little hero's are safely in your hands.

For more details visit our Deliveries and Returns page.

Oh no we didn't expect that! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. This applies only to products purchased directly from www.bunjie.com. Click here to go to our super easy returns and refunds policy.

We currently ship to Australia & New Zealand!

You can buy it here and get it delivered straight to your door. Or you can take a stroll to any one of our amazing pharmacy retailers (this option will help you hit 10,000 steps a day).

See our stockists list to plan your shopping trip!

Don't worry, we provide tracking for all orders. We'll send you an email once your order is dispatched so you can see exactly where your new BFF's are at all times.

Don't worry you're safe with us. We pinky promise to keep all of your information locked in our Bunjie vault for our eyes only.

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Afterpay!

Let's be humans together, of course you can! If you want to change your order please email orders@bunjie.com as soon as possible with your order details & we will try our best to help. Please understand that our Bunjie family are very efficient, so unfortunately once the order has been shipped, it's yours to keep. We do have a super easy returns and refunds policy that you can find here if you need it.

Bunjie HQ is based in Melbourne, Australia & we're workin' 9-5 (just like Dolly) AEST/AEDT. We're always happy to hear from you, so get in touch at hey@bunjie.com.