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the skin microbiome

From the day we are born, we have our very own army of good bacteria living in and on our body to protect us and keep us healthy: SAY HELLO TO YOUR MICROBIOME!

Just like the gut, your baby's skin needs good bacteria to stay healthy.

Your baby’s skin microbiome develops from birth. It helps to protect them from bad bacteria, supports their immune system and shapes the way their skin looks, feels and behaves every day.

A healthy skin microbiome is essential to your baby's skin health now and for the future.

meet the minibiotics®

Our scientifically smart prebiotic and probiotic complex makes it easy to boost your baby's microbiome and support their skin's protective barrier every day.

Let's keep the science simple:
Probiotics are the good bacteria on the surface of your baby's skin that work around the clock to keep their skin healthy and protected from the growth of bad bacteria. Prebiotics are what the good bacteria like to eat and the fuel that keep them thriving so that they can do their job.

Together these BFF's help to keep your baby's skin healthy, happy and free from skin conditions such as irritation, dryness, sensitivity and eczema.

We've got your bac' baby!

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diverse microbiome + healthy barrier =
Happy little skin

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