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meet the minibiotics®

we've got your
'bac' baby!

The skin microbiome is the eyes & ears of a baby's immune system & their first line of defence.

Just like the gut it needs good bacteria to stay happy, trouble-free & protect them from day 1.

Our Minibiotics are a patented prebiotic & probiotic complex scientifically formulated to support the health of little skin. These microbiome boosters support the good skin bacteria & the home they live in, to boost baby’s natural immune system for the strongest start to life.

diverse microbiome + healthy barrier
= happy little skin
😀 👶

the minibiotics®


We need to feed the good skin bacteria (probiotics) that are already there to keep them thriving.
Our prebiotics are the richest & favourite sources of food for little skins good bacteria.

The more good bacteria the merrier.
Our patented probiotic complex boosts baby’s natural immune system to help stop bad bacteria from
making themselves at home


Someone’s got to look after the home.
Our postbiotic peace-keepers maintain a balanced pH & create the perfect environment for little skin to thrive.