Bad skincare ingredients & bad bacteria - the real reason behind little skin problems! Bunjie’s world-first combo of prebiotic, probiotic & totally toxin-free formulas protect your baby’s skin from all the nasties to keep it looking healthy, feeling happy and growing stronger every day.

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Why prebiotics & probiotics?

Just like the gut the skin needs good bacteria to stay
healthy and protected.

Taking care of your baby’s skin microbiome during the
first 1000 days of life is the most important thing you can do for stronger, healthier little skin that always looks its best!

Prebiotics and probiotics are essential to:

Boost the good bacteria on your baby’s skin

Support your baby’s immune system

Inhibit the growth of bad bacteria that can trigger skin problems

Minimise sensitivities and irritation

Nourish & strengthen the
developing skin barrier

Keep the pH levels of your baby’s skin balanced

30-day happy little skin guarantee

or your money back!

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your baby’s skin is their armour - help them grow stronger every day.

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"My daughter was getting really dry around the eyes and I couldn't figure out why. A nurse suggested I change shampoo and I chose bunjie due to the cute packaging. It has been gentle on her skin and smells lovely, and she is no longer itchy around her eyes. It's a high price point but to me it was worth it."
– Rochelle Maglaya