I’ve Got 99 Problems But My Skincare Ain’t One

Being a baby can be hard work, right!

I mean, think about all those late nights and the countless nappy changes. Add to that, the day-care drama and all those nasty germs cramping my style.

We get fed vegetables (yuck!), dressed up for Mums gram and my cheese slice breaks in
half – on the daily! I’m not allowed desert for dinner, and to top it off dad keeps talking to me like I’m a kid. This is all before I even start talking.

But at least my skincare routine doesn’t suck!

Thanks to Bunjie my skin has never looked so good!

It’s packed with prebiotics and probiotics and dermatologically tested to keep my oh-so-sensitive little skin looking healthy, feeling happy and growing stronger every day.

And wait until you hear this… it’s plant-powered, parent-proofed, totally toxin free and made awesomely right here in Australia!

Now the only thing dry in this house is last night’s dinner!

Peace out baby!

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