nappy changes can be a real bummer!

Bunjie’s eco-friendly, high performance nappies are designed for ultimate comfort and style! Packed with science and no hidden nasties, our worry-free nappies make it easy to keep sensitive little skin happy and healthy with less impact on the environment.

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Nappy rash affects most babies by the age of 12 months and may be caused by the growth of bad bacteria in damp, dirty nappies

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gentle on little bums and the environment

Made without: latex, fragrance, synthetic dyes, formaldehyde and harsh chemicals.
Made with: plant-based lactobacillus

Our nappies are made from well-managed, FSC®-certified forest materials which are kinder to our environment.

Our nappies have been independently tested by Intertek and Dermatest to demonstrate their safety and exclusion of harsh chemicals and irritants, to help protect little bums against pesky skin irritation.

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